Our Anthem (RMWP Launch Video)

The Rocky Mountain Wolf Project is committed to restoring the gray wolf to the great National Forests and other public wildlands in western Colorado. After the successful reintroduction of gray wolves into the greater Yellowstone ecosystem, there's just one missing link in the Rocky Mountains—one state whose public lands are still haunted by the missing howl: Colorado. Join our mission and help build our movement by spreading awareness and donating what YOU can to reestablish the wolf in western Colorado.

The River Otter: a conservation success story

Once considered extinct in Nebraska, the North American River Otter is now thriving.

The Intelligence of Elephants have large brains and great memory, but what's exactly going on in that massive head of theirs? Here’s what we know. 

Help Clean the Ocean, Buy a Bracelet

Help Clean the Ocean, Buy a Bracelet

4Ocean offers bracelets made from recycled materials, and every bracelet purchased helps fund Ocean Cleanup progra

Help Save the Giant Panda
There are only 1864 wild pandas left in the world today. The Giant Panda habitat has been reduced to critical levels as less than 5% of their natural habitat area remains. The Giant Panda’s diet is 99% bamboo but human activity and natural disasters have destroyed much of their critical food source. To help ensure the survival of this endangered animal, China has established several Giant Panda Breeding Centers and Reserves. Pandas International also helps to supports the Chinese Panda Centers with incubators, medical equipment, vaccines, formula, GPS collars, bamboo reforestation, and more. Endangered means we have time – Extinction is FOREVER.

How Algae Could Change the Fossil Fuel Industry